U.S. protests continue to be dealt with Trump administration's turbulent footsteps on June 4, 6:52

The protest demonstrating the deaths of black men spread across the United States continued for three days, the ninth day.

President Trump is willing to send in the federal troops in order to maintain security, but Secretary of Defense Esper said, "I'm not in that situation right now," and there are some distractions over the response to the protest.

Protests against a black man who died in the United States from being pressed by a white policeman continued in New York, Washington, and other parts of the country on the third day, which was the ninth day.

According to the Associated Press, at least nine people were killed and 9,300 were detained in the chaos of the demonstrations that took place after the incident.

President Trump is poised to inject federal troops in order to maintain security after some of the participants have been mobized, and about 1,600 Army troops are waiting at bases near the capital, Washington.

Under these circumstances, Secretary of Defense Esper said in a press conference on March 3, "Using the military to maintain security is the last resort, and it should be under the most urgent and urgent situation. It is not there now." He expressed a different idea than President Trump.

On the other hand, Secretary Esper said, ``I did not know that I would go to the church, saying that the action that President Trump accompanied when he took a picture in front of the church on the 1st day was criticized as political activity. I didn't even know that photography was taking place."

President Trump repeats criticism of the opposition

In a radio interview with FOX News on the 3rd, President Trump explained that the National Guard was guarding in the capital city of Washington, saying, "There was no problem last night. It was due to overwhelming power," and a protest demonstration. Again, I emphasized the need to take a strong attitude toward.

He said, "In all areas with security issues, the opposition and Democrats are in politics, not the ruling or republican," and repeated criticism of the opposition party in the name of the Mayor of Minneapolis and New York.

In addition, he strongly denied that he was evacuating to the basement of the White House during a protest demonstration last weekend, saying that he had visited the basement for a short time instead of evacuating. He denied any involvement in forcing the exclusion of peaceful protesters to walk from the house to nearby churches.

According to a poll published by Reuters on Thursday, only 33% said they would support President Trump's response to the incident and 55% would not.

White House spokesman emphasizes presidential authority

White House spokeswoman McEnernie said at a press conference yesterday that "the only president has the power to send troops and President Trump will exercise that power if necessary." He emphasized that, under the law, troops can be deployed at any time.

He added that Secretary of Defense Esper, who has been pointed out to be out of step with President Trump, said, "President Esper is still Secretary of Defense at the moment, but if President Trump's credibility is lost, it will be known someday." , Was strongly restrained by the possibility of the replacement of Secretary Esper.

Pope "Racism and exclusion of people are unacceptable"

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church spoke to protesters all over the United States on the 3rd, saying to the American people, "We have been watching with great concern the disturbing social unrest in your country." .

He stressed, "We cannot tolerate or pretend to be racist or disfellowship in any way."

"We have to understand that the last few days of violence destroy and self-destruct ourselves. There is nothing to gain from violence, and much is lost," he said. I am calling to stop.