Trump President G7 Summit Significance of Russia Participation Each country is cautious on June 4, 7:12

President Trump of the United States said that if Russia joins, it will be easy to solve the problems of the international community, saying about the G7 Summit = Summit of the seven major nations, which they are willing to hold after September. Explained the significance of.

US President Trump, the chair of the G7 Summit, announced that he would like to invite Russia and South Korea to the summit, which he has indicated will be held after September, but the member countries of the Summit, such as Canada. Has been opposed to Russia's participation.

Regarding this, President Trump said in a radio interview with FOX News yesterday that "half of G7 meetings will involve Russia. If Russia joins, it will be easy to solve the problems of the international community," and the significance of Russia's participation. I explained.

Furthermore, although Russia was a member country of the G8 Summit, it was pointed out that the former President Obama had eliminated it, and he criticized former President Obama, as well as Russia's President Putin regarding the sharp drop in crude oil prices. Also helped save jobs in the US oil industry.

President Trump had a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin this week to discuss the G7, but the prospects for the event are uncertain because G7 countries strongly oppose Russia's participation and are cautious.

Russia “matches position” doubts without China's participation

"The diplomats will continue to contact the US side for additional information," said President Trump, saying that Russia and others would like to invite Russia and others to the G7 summit. We said that we would like to get more information about the meeting so that we can determine future responses.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said, "It is our position that it is impossible to solve the problems of the world's politics and economics in the exclusive framework of the West." I was doing it.

However, "it is clear that it is difficult to realize meaningful efforts without China's participation," he said. Russia has a G20 summit in which China will participate and a framework of BRICS = five emerging countries. I pointed out.