In mid-May, ex-hill jumping star Toni Nieminen hit the mound mentally.

At that moment, a man sighed at the end of the phone, sounding almost collapsed. His sighs echoed not only in disbelief but also in disappointment.

At that time, Nieminen was not yet ready to talk about his heartaches, on the stinging occasion of which, in his own words, he had been involuntarily, completely unexpectedly. The relationship between the 1992 Olympic winner and Ansku from Oulu had just ended in divorce. Even though the couple only had time to live together for a short time, from January 2020 to May Mother's Day, Nieminen's wounds are still anxiously open.

- The difference hurts heavily, it doesn't help to deny it. The difference happened so surprisingly that I didn't even have time to prepare for it, Nieminen tells IS now.

According to IS's information, Ansku took the initiative in the decision to resign, informing Nieminen before mid-May. IS has recently tried several times to reach Ansku, to no avail.

- I've made a couple of mistakes in relations with often, but now I can say that this (difference) came to myself right in the bushes. That's why it bumps down sharply, Nieminen says.

- Moreover, I do not intend to open the details of the difference at this point.

The relationship between Toni Nieminen and the beloved Ansku ended in divorce.

Photo: Toni Nieminen's home album

Other factors also made Nieminen's life situation challenging. Nieminen, who worked as a homeowner in recent years, lived in Ansku's apartment in Oulu, and after the divorce he was left homeless. In addition, the couple works for the same employer.

- There have been many happy moments in my life, and then to counterbalance many kinds of disappointments. This case goes there to the top of the list of disappointments. You can probably say that as a whole this has definitely been one of the toughest places in my life, Nieminen sees.

The ex-hill eagle from Lahti had time to spend the life of a backpacker and traveler with his friends and relatives for more than two weeks until he received a call from Vihti. Ex-alpine skiing star Sami Uotila, together with his brother Janne, offered Nieminen both a roof over his head and a job for the summer. Nieminen works as a summer park host at Vihti PuuhaPark.

- This feels right here at the right place for myself, because now I had to get somewhere where I can breathe properly, Nieminen says.

- Now I need a decent detachment.

Photo: cci

Nieminen has remained in the headlines regularly in recent years. Jobs and women have changed surprisingly nimbly, and there has been plenty of stuff about financial hardship as well.

The man has often spoken openly about his experiences, including his foreclosure debts.

- Whenever something bigger happens in my life, they are discussed in public, and of course it sometimes hurts, Nieminen says.

According to Nieminen, publicity has been a part of his work in any case.

- On the other hand, if you want to move forward, it is better to admit the facts than to deny them, he emphasizes.

Toni Nieminen returned from Oulu to southern Finland. A new job brings comfort to heartache.

Photo: Maiju Pohjanheimo

In 2003–2013, Nieminen was married to Veera, and the couple had two children. In May 2014, Nieminen got engaged to a woman named Johanna, but the happiness ended in October of the same year.

Shortly thereafter, the ex-hill hero slammed his eyes on Heidi of Oulu, with whom he had a wedding in September 2015. Now, in the early part of the year, the couple filed for divorce, and even before that, the relationship had been broken a few times before. The couple had two children in common.

Toni has two children together with her ex-husband Heidi Nieminen.

Photo: Ville Honkonen

With Ansku, the mother of seven children from Oulu, my favorite also roared unexpectedly - according to Nieminen, in a way that took her legs off.

- I have never been as in love as in this latest relationship, Nieminen emphasizes.

After the summer wash at Vihti Activity Park, Nieminen can, if he wishes, return to Oulu as a housing retailer, where his youngest children live with his ex-wife Heidi. Nieminen will make decisions about his autumn patterns only later.

- I've had in my life is often too nice. I haven’t usually remembered to give myself enough time, and that’s largely why I decided to make a selfish decision now. I don't have any relatives in Oulu, while in southern Finland there are enough of them, which is also a good thing to change, Nieminen says.

- Of course, I am going to see my children, and they may come here to Vihti soon. Now, in any case, we have to get our thoughts together properly.

The change of landscape and the temporary wash in PuuhaPark have brought the familiar relaxation and smile to the essence of Nieminen again in a short time. He looks in turn hopefully for the future.

- Even if the difference hurts, my faith in tomorrow will bear up again. The blocks of my own life are slowly starting to take shape, and there is an opportunity for all kinds of experiences to be strengthened as a person, Nieminen emphasizes.

- And I believe that in this case too.