The weekend of April 18-19 was chilly. The nights were frostbite. It was the deadliest weekend so far in the county during the pandemic. 13 people lost their lives. Eight of them died on Saturday. They came from Gimo, Enköping, Bålsta and Uppsala.

We have examined the first hundred deaths in Uppsala County, according to register data from the Uppsala Region.

Get younger among the dead

While the infection affected everything from infants to young adults, they are dead older. Our review shows that all the dead must have belonged to one of the risk groups - or been over 80 years.

Just a couple of weeks after the first cases were confirmed in Uppsala County - suddenly two women at an elderly home in Skutskär suddenly fall ill - just what the authorities have warned of. The very first to die in Uppsala County were these two women: a 75-year-old - and a born 1919 in the midst of the ravages of the Spanish sickness - and after a long life it was this new pandemic that eventually took her life at the elderly residence Tallmon in Skutskär. She turned 101.

Died days after diagnosis

A woman from Uppsala stands out in the statistics as the youngest deceased so far in the county. 47 years old, must have worked in school activities, belonged to a risk group - and information about how she was "missing". She died just four days after the diagnosis.

Of the first hundred dead, two-thirds lived in Uppsala. But the virus has harvested death victims in Skutskär, Gimo, Bålsta, Enköping, Östhammar, Örsundsbro, Tierp and Storvreta.

And there would be more. So far, over 170 people have died in Uppsala County from the corona pandemic.