In his first seasons with German Dortmund, Moroccan star Ashraf Hakimi, loaned from Real Madrid, presented a good season. The current season deserved a degree of excellence, as it developed a lot under the management of Swiss coach Lucien Favre.

Hakimi (21 years old) benefited a lot from changing the way he played "Black Festival" to 3-4-3, and he started moving from his position as a right back to a wing, which allowed him to perform a distinguished performance and record the numbers I put with a group of one of the best back positions in history Round witch.

He had left the royal club in 2018 due to not being granted many minutes of play, so the Spaniard Danny Carbajal occupied the same position, but he entered the club "the best in the world," which includes the Brazilians Maicon, Danny Alves, the Spanish Jordi Alba, the Germans Joshua Kimmich, Philip Lam, the English Trent Alexander-Arnold, Carbajal and others.

According to the company, "Opta", which specializes in sports statistics, Hakimi - who contributed 19 goals (scored nine and made 10) in the German league and the Champions League - surpassed several players in his position, including Kimmich (contributed 18 goals with Bayern Munich 2017-2018 season) And Alba (contributed 16 goals with Barca 2018-2019 season) and Alexander-Arnold (contributed 16 goals with Liverpool 2018-2019 season) and Lame (contributed 15 with Bayern 2012-2013 season) and Brazil's Marcelo (contributed with Real Madrid 14 goals) 2016-2017 season) and Carbajal (contributes 10 goals with Real Madrid 2016-2017 season),

Hakimi also equaled the numbers of the Brazilian, who is the former Inter Milan player, who contributed 19 goals in the 2009-2010 season when Inter triumphed, and Hakimi is only superior to Alves who contributed 22 goals (scored four and made 18) with Barcelona 2009-2010 season. He has a chance to break that number, or at least his equation, with five matches remaining in the Bundesliga.

It is noteworthy that Hakimi’s agent confirmed the player’s return to Real Madrid next season, but pointed out that “Ashraf intends to play matches as he does this season, as it is essential in all matches, we wait for what will happen, we are not in a hurry.”