Yesterday, the UAE government held a periodic briefing in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to update the latest developments and cases related to the new corona virus in the country, during which the spokesperson for the Emirates government, Dr. Amna Al-Dahk Al-Shamsi, spoke, and briefed the developments on the health situation and cases related to the disease «Covid- 19 ».

Al Shamsi said that the expansion of the scope of the tests is continuing, as 41,762 new tests were conducted, which revealed 571 new cases of coronary disease (Covid-19), bringing the total cases to 36 thousand and 359 cases, and this number includes all cases that receive treatment As well as similar cases of recovery and death.

Al-Shamsi announced, during the media briefing, that the number of healing cases in the country rose to 19,153 cases, after 427 new cases of healing were recorded for people with Covid-19 disease, fully recovering from its symptoms, and receiving the necessary health care.

During the briefing, it was also announced that the death of a person with "Covid-19" disease, bringing the number of deaths registered in the country to 270 cases, and with these cases the number of new cases of Coronavirus, which is still receiving treatment, becomes 16 thousand and 936 cases in the state .

On the other hand, Al-Shamsi stressed that the return to normal life is conditional on commitment to health measures, and the coming period is very important to face the risk of "Covid-19", and any negligence in implementing preventive measures will lead, God forbid, to disastrous results.

She noted that the heroes of the first line of defense are leading the initiative to limit the spread of the "Covid-19" disease, and they continue to work around the clock, to preserve the safety and health of all, and with the return of businesses in the governmental and private sectors, it has become obligatory for everyone to share their responsibility to adhere to and raise awareness and personal attention to procedures Safety and prevention, she said: «You and I are today responsible for protecting ourselves and those around us, and for protecting our homeland, so that we can be the protective shield for a decent life in it and its gains.

On the other hand, the official spokesman of the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, Dr. Saif Al-Dhaheri, announced that the UAE has taken a new step towards the gradual return to normal life, by authorizing some of the country's airports to transport and transfer passengers (transit flights) from international airports. Al Dhaheri explained that the decision to suspend passenger flights to and from the country is still in effect, and only specific flights will be temporarily allowed for the purpose of evacuating residents and visitors who wish to leave the country and return to their country, provided that all precautionary measures are applied.

Al Dhaheri stressed that the decision regarding the resumption of "transit" flights includes three airports: Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Sharjah International Airport, and through national carriers such as "Etihad Airways", "Emirates Airlines" and "flydubai" , And «Air Arabia». He explained that these tankers will, in the coming days, announce the details and developments of procedures related to their activities.

He pointed out that the decision came after a thorough and comprehensive study, which was carried out by a number of bodies, including the National Emergency and Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, and the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the Health Sector, to follow the highest standards adopted in the field of safety and security globally.

Al Dhaheri said: «The Emirates represents a vital center for air transport, with the local airports turning into a regional and global station for international airlines, and is keen to achieve a balance between the application of precautionary measures related to the health situation and dealing with the epidemic (Covid-19), and the application of the requirements and standards of international aviation organizations» .

Al Dhaheri added: “During the past period, technical and specialized teams from the concerned authorities worked to develop a comprehensive framework and guidelines for implementing the required measures in all the country's airports and their national carriers, through field visits to experts and specialists to ensure the implementation of all precautionary measures, and to ensure the safety of the traveler’s trip, Whether in the waiting halls, or transportation at the airports, up to the healthy environment in the aircraft trailer itself. ”

Regarding aviation personnel, Al Dhaheri explained that all airports worked to implement precautionary measures, including conducting "Covid-19" checks, and enhancing their awareness and training extensively, to deal with passenger traffic and suspected cases of any injury, and they have a high readiness to use aircraft facilities In the event of any emergency.

He noted that the tremendous efforts recorded by field teams in all the country's airports, and those working in these facilities, are a source of pride among citizens and residents, who have great ambition and sincerity in the work, to fulfill the requirements and accelerate the work to return air traffic, and support the success of this vital sector We thank them as individuals and institutions.


A new case of recovery for patients with "Covid-19" disease, and its full recovery.

571 new cases of infection were detected in the country with the emerging coronavirus.

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