The British Guardian newspaper said that the sons of Saudi security man, Saad al-Jabri, kidnapped since last March, were the first victims of a purification operation carried out by Muhammad bin Salman after he was toppled his cousin, the former Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.

Saad al-Jabri, 61, is a retired security man who was a close aide to former crown prince Muhammad bin Nayef, who was ousted in 2017 and then arrested since last March.

The newspaper added that Saad al-Jabri's son Khaled revealed that the tragedy of his two brothers began a day after Prince Muhammad bin Salman was appointed crown prince, when the latter issued an order banning them from traveling, and later told their father in direct contact that allowing their travel was linked to his return to Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper said that al-Jabri was the first target of Muhammad bin Salman from the beginning, as he saw him as a serious threat due to his strong ties to Western intelligence services and his role in modernizing Saudi security capabilities, and that his family possessed a sense of dismay and fear for the fate of their two sons.

She mentioned that the disappearance of Omar, 21, and his sister Sarah, 20, reveal the extent to which the crown prince has used children to punish those he believes are his enemies and take revenge on them.

The Guardian notes that the al-Jabri family vehemently denies rumors that it has established secret relations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Earlier, the Washington Post quoted US and British intelligence officials as concerned about the targeting campaign by the Saudi authorities against the former Saudi intelligence official, Saad al-Jabri, currently residing in Canada.

The newspaper pointed out that this concern and surprise is due to Al-Jabri's record and its pivotal role in establishing the anti-terrorism program in Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper quoted former CIA director Michael Morrell as saying that al-Jabri had saved the lives of many Saudis and Americans during his work, a position that was also confirmed by former CIA director George Tenet.

Morrell described the Saudi authorities' targeting of al-Jabri and the arrest of his son and daughter in Saudi Arabia, unacceptably.

He explained that Khaled son of al-Jabri - a cardiologist who lives with his father in Toronto - told the press that his brother Omar, 21, and his sister, Sarah, 20, were arrested and imprisoned in mid-March last year by the Saudi regime, as a way to pressure their father to return to The kingdom of exile in Canada.