The young Natacha, 16, has not given her news for three weeks. - Gendarmerie of Aude.

She hasn't given any news since May 14th. Concerned, the relatives of the young Natacha Noiville, aged 16 and from Rieux-en-Val in Aude, decided to report her disappearance to the gendarmerie.

The soldiers of the Aude launched on Tuesday a call for witnesses to try to find the young girl, last seen between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. on this day of May in the town where she resides.

When she left, she had with her a bag filled with belongings belonging to her. But had no money, no mobile phone or ID, say the gendarmes on their Facebook page. If they have searched for Carcassonne, where Natacha regularly visits, they have not yet managed to find her and appeal to the general public to help her.

The witnesses who could have crossed it are invited to contact the gendarmeire brigade of Lagrasse at


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