Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, American University said that ultraviolet devices will soon be available in abundance, such as a mobile phone. For many years, experts have realized that these rays can destroy the genetic components inside viruses, destroying their ability to survive on any surface.

Scientists interested in ending the Corona epidemic are working on finding evidence that UV rays can kill the Corona virus, and scientists have always proven that these rays can be used against other viruses such as the SARS virus very close to Corona, and UV rays are now used to sterilize transportation General, aircraft and hospitals.

A team of University of Pennsylvania scientists investigated the search for materials that can emit ultraviolet radiation through a built-in device, but scientists say that ultraviolet radiation, with the appropriate intensity to kill viruses, will pose a danger to the skin and eyes, and therefore the feasibility of purchasing such devices is not entirely clear. .

Although there is no clear evidence that ultraviolet radiation can kill the current corona virus, but a study at the University of American Columbia showed that these rays kill about 95% of germs and viruses. According to University of Pennsylvania scientists, ultraviolet radiation has a wavelength of 200 to 300 nanometers and is suitable for killing the virus.

"UV rays and high temperatures can kill the virus on any surface and the Corona virus is no exception to this general rule, and ultraviolet radiation is present in the open air, and this is why scientists say infection with Corona virus," says Dr. Bani Ward of the College of Medicine at King College University in London. It is less than it is indoors in the summer.

Professor Keith Neal, an infectious disease specialist from the University of Nottingham, explains how sunlight can destroy the genes of the DNA virus, which leads to its killing. He told Mile Online: “I have never seen an experiment about the effect of UV rays on corona but viruses Those left on the outer surfaces will be dehydrated and then destroyed by UV radiation. "

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