• Camorra, arrested boss of the Cuccaro-Andolfi clan fugitive since 2019
  • Drug: Italian fugitive drug trafficker arrested since 2018 in Ecuador
  • Arrested in fugitive Spain, included in the list of the 100 most dangerous: 12 convictions against


June 03, 2020 Eight fugitives arrested in recent months in Santo Domingo and extradited to Italy returned to our country this morning at dawn with a flight that landed in Fiumicino. The operation, called "Open World" and coordinated by the International Police Cooperation Service (SCIP), was due to be completed already in March but was delayed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.   

The eight fugitives - seven men and a woman with several criminal stories behind them - must face crimes ranging from mafia-type criminal association to scams for the elderly, from international drug trafficking to fraudulent bankruptcy, with penalties ranging from around 4 years to over 13 of imprisonment. The arrest of the eight occurred after months of joint investigation between the Italian and Santo Domingo sections of Interpol. 

The escort operation on board the aircraft was also the first test of the combination of operational needs with health precautions: the escort implemented a self-protection and guarantee protocol for crossing borders. The Dominican government has authorized entry with a curfew exception.