Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, June 3, according to Russian media reports on the 3rd, the Russian army will start training parachutists from the large landing ship to launch beach landing and other skills starting this year.

  The Russian "News" on the 3rd quoted the director of the Russian Ministry of Defense Combat Training Director General Bovalitsov as saying that from this year, the Russian army will train airborne troops like the Marines, from the large landing ship to take the amphibious tank into the water, Land on the beach. In March of this year, a reinforced battalion of the 7th Airborne Assault Division deployed in Novorossiysk, southwestern Russia, carried out experimental beach landing training with its own artillery and tanks in a large landing ship.

  The editor-in-chief of the Russian "Motherland Arsenal" magazine Murahovsky commented that the reason why the airborne troops are trained for landing beach landing tactics is because compared with the transport aircraft used by the airborne troops, the naval ships are more convenient for the amphibious armored warfare of the airborne troops. Vehicles and artillery, so that landing troops have more kinds of heavy weapons, improve their attacking power, and make airborne troops become fast reaction forces that can fight in coastal waters and beaches.