• Uprising in prisons. 7 dead in Modena, maxi escape in Foggia: it is manhunt
  • Captured the three escaped from Favignana prison, they were fleeing the island
  • Prisons: one of the two escaped from Civitavecchia captured
  • Sollicciano escaped: one captured in Switzerland


03 June 2020Two Romanian detainees of Roma ethnicity have escaped from Rebibbia prison. The news was reported by the Sappe Penitentiary Police Union, explaining in a note that the two men "fled after having climbed over the wall, using a hose, favored by the probable failure of the anti-climbing system and by the fact that there are no sentries from the Penitentiary Police on the surrounding wall ".

According to Donato Capece, union secretary general, it is "a serious fact, which is the consequence of an underestimation of the alarms launched by Sappe in the last few days: this evasion - he adds - is the consequence of the dismantling of the security policies of the penitentiaries and shortages of staff of the Prison Police, which has 7,000 fewer officers. Not later than last May 28, Sappe had sent a detailed note to the top officials of the National Prison Administration and Lazio on the critical issues of the Rebibbia prison house ".