He does not want to respond to how many people are affected by the notification and which of the company's facilities are affected.

- I don't comment on that.

But according to data for SVT News Jönköping, there are about 60 graphic artists in the entire group who are now being notified. How many people are affected in Norrahammar does not want the management to respond. In addition to Norrahammar, the company has facilities in Gothenburg, Falkenberg, Landvetter, Stockholm, Södertälje, Vimmerby and Västerås.

What is the reason why you need to place this notice?

- The reason is the prevailing situation. We have lower revenues as a result of covid-19, says Peder Schumacher.

Negotiations with the trade union have begun, but when these can be completed and when the warnings can be implemented, the company's CEO does not want to comment.

- I don't comment on that.

In October last year, twelve people were notified at the Norrahammar plant, which has about 75 employees. However, that warning was later withdrawn as demand increased.