Pompeo said "protest against China's illegal claims of sovereignty in the South China Sea" Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

  China News Service, Beijing, June 3 (Zhang Su, Li Jingze) "China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea have been formed in a long-term historical process and have been upheld by successive governments of China. International law, including the Convention, will not be changed by unjustified accusations by individual countries." Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on June 3.

  On June 2, US Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted that the United States has written to the UN Secretary-General to protest China's illegal sovereign claims in the South China Sea, saying, "We are against China's illegal and dangerous claims. United Nations Member States must unite Unanimously, defend international law and maritime freedom". A reporter asked Chinese comment on this, and Zhao Lijian made the above response when answering.

  Zhao Lijian also pointed out that the United States is not a party to the dispute in the South China Sea. Not only does it not abide by its commitment to not hold a position on the controversial issue, but it often creates incidents in the South China Sea, engages in military provocations, and provokes regional state relations. (Finish)