Reuters reported that charges against former US police officer Derek Shawbin, who killed the black George Floyd, will be elevated from a'third-class murder' to a heavier crime, a'second-class murder'.

Reuters quoted local local Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minnesota as local time today, saying that Prosecutor Keith Ellison plans to raise charges against Shobin.

Shovin is a former police officer who arrested Floyd and pressed his neck to his knees for close to 9 minutes, causing him to die.

In addition to Shobin, Ellison said three other police officers who were at the Floyd arrest site will also be prosecuted for murder and conspiracy.

Mr. Ellison will hold a press conference today and announce progress in the investigation of Floyd's death.

The case has been undertaken by prosecutor Henna Pin County, but at the request of Governor Tim Walls of Minnesota, President Ellison is leading the investigation.