The United States Department of Defense has dispatched 1,600 military personnel to the capital, Washington DC, to help civilian authorities maintain order during the Black Lives Matter protests.

The military are currently stationed at nearby military bases and have not yet been deployed to the city. President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he is ready to deploy the military to restore order within the United States.

The country has faced the biggest race riots since the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. The reason is the death of the African American George Floyd, who was detained by a police officer last week in such a way that he was killed by suffocation.

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of people in various American cities took to the streets again to protest against the brutal police action. Large demonstrations, generally peaceful, have been held in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York City, and Washington DC.

Curfew is massively ignored, less violence than in recent days

Curfews have been instituted in most cities, but have been ignored by large groups of protesters. For example, many stayed in Washington DC after nightfall in Lafayette Park near the White House, the area cleared on Monday by federal police with rubber bullets and tear gas because President Donald Trump wanted to take a picture at an adjacent church with a bible in his hand.

At the beginning of the night, peaceful demonstrations were still taking place, and people who rattled fences or climbed street lights were called to order by bystanders.

In New York and Los Angeles, thousands of people continued to walk the streets after curfew. The violence and looting appears to be less than it has been in recent days.

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