China News Service, June 3, according to the "European Times" Central and Eastern European version of WeChat public account, June 2 local time is the first time the French government has allowed open-air restaurants and bars to open for more than two months after the closure measures day.

  At noon on that day, Ariel Weil, the mayor of Paris's fourth district and central district, came to the business district of Chatelet in the district to investigate the resumption of the restaurant. He also held discussions with Chinese catering, supermarkets, and industry representatives to encourage the Chinese catering industry to resume work, boost the economy in the area, and restore normal life.

  Sun Wenxiong, the owner of Shuyuan Restaurant and chairman of the French Asian Association of Asian Societies, welcomed Will. He said that the catering industry is still one of the major industries engaged by the Chinese. Now, the Chinese catering industry is richer and more diverse, and the younger generation has brought more Chinese elements to France. At the same time, the Chinese catering industry has contributed to the local economy and enriched the catering culture. He said that in this area, he has opened 5 restaurants, representing different styles, hoping to help promote the Chinese catering culture.

  Will said he and his family love Chinese food very much. Now, Chinese food in Paris is developing rapidly, some traditional restaurants are innovating, and some restaurants opened by young people are very distinctive. The Chinese have made special contributions to the cultural and economic development of this region. The Chinese should have their say and status in the new district in the future, which is also conducive to the development of diverse culture and economy in the central district. He called on more Chinese Americans, especially the new generation of Chinese Americans, to actively participate in and discuss politics and fight for opportunities to speak for the Chinese. (Kong Fan)