San Jose (dpa) - A group of US consumers accuses Google in a potential class action lawsuit without collecting data about their behavior on the Internet.

So far there are only three plaintiffs who each want to raise at least $ 5,000. The law firm that it represents, however, assumes millions of those affected - which could amount to a billion claims in a class action lawsuit. A Google spokesman immediately rejected the allegations.

Google Analytics and the Google Ad Manager advertising platform are the focus of the lawsuit filed in California on Tuesday. The plaintiffs argue that the Internet company always uses it to collect data without a user being able to do anything about it. This also happens when surfing in the so-called incognito mode, in which Google promises extensive privacy.

A Google spokesman countered on Wednesday that the internet company is warning users that some information could be visible to the websites they visited, even in incognito mode. The function is about not storing any activity data on the device or in the browser. Google disagrees with the allegations and will vehemently defend itself against the lawsuit, he emphasized.

Potential participants in the class action lawsuit are seen as users of Android smartphones or holders of a Google account in the United States who have accessed a website using Google Analytics or the Ad Manager in incognito mode since June 1, 2016. Among other things, a study was used to calculate the value of the data and the amounts that test users would be paid to disclose their information.

Overall, the plaintiffs criticize that the Internet company sends information about hundreds of millions of people billions of times a day. This made Google an uncontrolled collection of information that was so extensive and detailed "that George Orwell could not have imagined it", they explained with a reference to the anti-utopian novel "1984".


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