The first American lady seemed uncomfortable during her visit to the American Catholic University in Washington, DC, with her husband, President Donald Trump, and failed to give her a full, real smile. She tried hard, but her smile seemed half-hearted as she stood next to her husband, to shoot on his instructions. Trump, on the other hand, appeared in good spirits, smiling broadly.

This is not the first time that the body language of the first lady has revealed what she has been trying to hide in the past two years. The first lady sparked intense controversy during the inauguration ceremony of her husband, the forty-fifth president. Her face was shining with a bright smile when she was talking to him during the party, but as soon as he turned her back on her, the smile instantly subsided. Analysts complicated it was a fake, not a real smile.

A month later, this 50-year-old lady was accompanying her husband on a rally at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport in Florida. While she was talking to the crowds, her husband came behind and touched her on her arm. When he turned to him, she shuddered and looked as if she felt chills. In the months that followed, Melania was seen beating her husband's hand several times. During that time, Trump was accused of having an extramarital affair.

Although she appears to be doing well now, her body language expert, Darren Stanton, explained in her talk to the media, "I saw Melania publicly showing signs of contempt at times on White House occasions."

The expert believes that Melania may not have been enthusiastic about her role. She adds that while many former former first ladies planned and hosted formal dinners at the White House, Melania seems to have ignored this tradition. The White House often hosts an official dinner at the end of the year, but Trump has not.

Darren added: "Melania is not the one who can hide his fake smiles well." "You can always discover a fake smile because that only appears on half of the face and no matter what age you will always see a contraction on both sides of the face," she says.

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