Measures to encourage consumption “A large amount of administrative commission costs are sought by the Diet” National Tamaki representative June 3, 19:16

Regarding the consumer stimulus measures for tourism and food and drink after the spread of the new coronavirus infection has ended, the National Democratic Party's representative Tamaki said that a large amount of administrative expenses are envisaged and the effect is doubtful. , Showed the idea of ​​pursuing in the Diet.

For six months after the spread of the new coronavirus spread, the government decided to implement a consumption stimulus measure called the "Go To Campaign" for tourism, transportation, food and beverage, and event business, and about 1 Out of the total trillion 700 billion yen in business expenses, the maximum amount of 300 billion yen will be used for administrative outsourcing costs.

In response to this, the National Democratic Party representative Tamaki said in a press conference, "I can't understand why the enormous amount of outsourcing fees are necessary. It is unclear and prompt to pass taxes to specific industries through specific organizations. Will also be lost.”

On that basis, "If you need that much administrative expenses, you should support the tourism industry directly, such as by giving a subsidy. Also, if the consumption tax is reduced, the travel industry will become more active and It may lead to financial support for people."