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On March 30, it was seven years since Mario Biondo's death , at 36 years of age, occurred in strange circumstances. A death that today continues to generate many unknowns and some unresolved questions.

Doubts that the Italian family of Raquel Sánchez Silva's husband has maintained during all this time, since they were never satisfied with the official version that assures that the cause of Mario's death had been suicide .

For this reason, when the case was closed in Spain, the Biondos continued with the investigation in Italy, the camera's native country and where it has become one of the most media events in recent years.

"There is no reason that could lead us to believe that Mario took his own life," family lawyer Carmelita Morreale explained to LOC on the sixth anniversary of his death. "He had no depression problems and never had them. He was a boy full of life, happy, with many work projects and a serene personal life. Until a few hours before his death, he was planning the arrival of his parents in Madrid. Nothing could to foreshadow such a dramatic event. "

Up to a total of three autopsies have been carried out on the remains of Biondo in these seven years, trying to find out if the camera was killed, as his parents, Santina D'Alessandro and Giuseppe Biondo maintain. The last one, in November 2018, whose results were known last October and determined that the husband of the Spanish presenter committed suicide.

The relationship between Raquel Sánchez Silva and her in-laws was broken shortly after the camera disappeared. The journalist even went so far as to denounce her husband's parents for defamation. "The relationship is very tense," family attorney Morreale told LOC. "She opposed all the Biondos' initiatives to reopen the investigation in Spain and try to clarify all the dark points that exist around the case."

Today they continue with the fight to clarify the tragic death of their son, who rests in the family pantheon of the Taormina cemetery, in Sicily.

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