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"One in seven Madrid residents is having a hard time and six out of seven Madrid residents can do a lot for them." Under this premise, which invites to "bring the heart closer", MadridxMadrid was born this Wednesday , a movement created by citizens of the capital to help their neighbors alleviate the food needs that the coronavirus crisis has brought with it .

This "call to unity", as identified by one of its 12 promoters and spokesperson, Manuel Pérez de Camino, began walking just three weeks ago with the goal of "doing something", through an online crowndfunding campaign , to that "people do not lack food" in a situation "that we have not encountered in our entire lives".

The solidarity "spark" arose from a simple rule of three: "if each of us donates five euros, we can feed all those people" who are having a hard time, says Pérez de Camino, who tells how each of the that they are pushing this initiative, specialized in different areas and that they did not know each other previously, have turned to the project that appeals to Madrid residents that "with a little of each, a lot is achieved" .

For this reason, MadridxMadrid intends to involve all the people of the region to help their neighbors overcome this moment through micro - donations . And his idea is to reach a million euros to try to "reach everyone". A figure, which according to the spokesman, would be distributed among the institutions that already carry out these tasks in the capital, such as the Pan y Peces, Madrina, Balia foundations and the Social Services centers of the Madrid City Council.

To achieve its objective, this crownfounding project , which will be carried out through the iHelp platform, draws on proximity because "when help is requested by someone close, it is easier to give it to them . " In Madrid, Pérez de Camino points out, "we are in solidarity and this evil touches us very closely."

And although "each one of us belongs to our father and mother", as its own advertising campaign says, if Madrid joins "as it has never done before" , it will be able to "overcome anything", until Cibeles and Neptuno they are based on a kiss.

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