China News Service, June 3, according to the US "World Daily" report, there have been many violent smashes and thefts caused by protests in the city of Los Angeles in the United States. Within 30 days and 31 days, many shops including gold shops, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. were smashed and stolen, and even the reading room where the people read and read newspapers was not spared. More surveillance video records the patronage of strange vehicles and crowds in front of the store. The economic restart is imminent and there is a curfew, which makes Chinese businessmen worried.

  In the early morning of May 31, local time, the pharmacy on West College Street in Chinatown was smashed by floor-to-ceiling windows. Insiders said that the market price of thieves sweeping drugs that night was as high as more than $100,000. Although the pharmacy had replaced the smashed glass windows with wooden boards on June 1, the pharmacy was not open for business. Arteaga, the police officer in charge of public security near Chinatown, pointed out that the person in charge of the pharmacy only notified the police station on the morning of May 31st.

  The Jade Wok restaurant, also located on West College Street, across the street from the pharmacy, was also stolen on 31 May. At 12:30 in the morning, the restaurant alarm bell was a masterpiece, but because of the protests in the Los Angeles area at the same time, the police was unable to attend the scene. The main glass entrance of the restaurant on the street was smashed, and thieves entered the store and stole more than a thousand dollars in cash.

  At about 10:30 on the evening of May 30, the old time-honored Jin Hing Co. in Bamboo Lane was also stolen, and the shop owner, Robert Lee, called the police. He stated that the video showed that the thief was a white man. He first tried to open the iron roll door outside the store but failed, and then disappeared into the camera. When he came back, he had professional tools. The man then cut off the iron lock of the rolling door, smashed the glass shop door, knocked on the wooden door to enter the shop, stole some decorative items such as rings and necklaces, but did not steal jewelry such as jade.

  George Yu, the executive director of Chinatown Business Development District (BID), pointed out that in addition to frequent door thefts, there have been many shops and people reporting near Chinatown. At around 3pm on May 31st, some people photographed about four cars and more than a dozen African-American youths coming to the back door of the Little Saigon Market. Several people tried to climb the wall to enter the market and the adjacent Chinatown shopping mall. After the people reported the crime, the people and the car left without hesitation, and at the same time they abused the police.

  He said that on the same day, at the Angie's Botique boutique in North Broadway, a report was also received. Several young men with guns around their waists and similar homemade bombs lingered in front of the store. After the shopkeeper called the police, several talents left the scene unhurriedly. Yu Qian said that just after experiencing the epidemic and violent crimes, businessmen are full of worries about reopening. (Gao Ziyuan)