The Corona Virus Control and Control Center in Dubai, in cooperation with Smart Dubai, revealed the development of an innovative live smart dashboard to monitor and monitor the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the efforts made to reduce the spread of the virus, in the framework of the Center’s ongoing contributions to the pandemic response And devising solutions that contribute to enhancing the ability of the concerned authorities in the Emirate of Dubai, and the Emirates in general, to trap the virus in the narrowest possible range, reduce infection rates and accelerate the raising of recovery rates.

The center pointed out that the smart board is one of the most important tools for supporting crisis management and the operations of the center, and this approach comes in line with the center's work mechanism in dealing with the virus, which is based on epidemiology and data science, in order to support decision-making, and to implement the operations that will address the pandemic.

The head of the Corona Virus Control and Control Center, Dr. Amer Ahmed Sharif said: “Thanks to the leadership’s vision, guidance and continuous support, and through the concerted efforts and work closely with governmental and private sector institutions, we were able to build a database that shows the spread of the virus in Dubai, as these are considered The data is one of the most important pillars of the decision-making process, especially that it is based on information and new developments on the reality of the spread of the pandemic, as well as the reality of the health system in the emirate ».

He added: “The statement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said that (making the future is not just improvised decisions, but rather strategic plans based on knowledge, clear goals based on analytical data based on statistics and data Accurate Reality), an inspiration to us, and we sought to translate His Highness’s vision into a concrete reality in our work in the Center for Control and Control to combat the Corona virus, and the approach it takes in implementing its strategic mission, which we take into account in all its steps to be studied and based on accurate and clear data ».

On his part, the Executive Director of Dubai Data Corporation, which is affiliated with Dubai Smart Department and the leader of the technology and data team in the control and control center to combat Corona, Younis Al Nasser, said: “Over the past years, through Dubai Data Corporation and Dubai Smart, we were able to establish a data experience It is the most comprehensive and innovative globally, and the pandemic (Covid-19) was a living test of our data capabilities, which we relied on during our work in the center by employing the available infrastructure, to find the best ways to support decision-making processes to counter the outbreak of the Corona virus, and we wanted to put between The decision-makers in Dubai have a live window that allows them to keep abreast of developments, and to upgrade mechanisms to ensure the health and safety of citizens and residents. ”

He added: "The importance of the dashboard increases with the entry of Dubai to the stage of the gradual return to normal life, the reopening of economic sectors and the resumption of their work.

The panel adopts mathematical equations in epidemiology known as (SEIR- Susceptible Exposed Infected Recovered), in order to process data and analyze it and provide perceptions and predictions about the developments in the fight against Corona virus, and the Dubai government has invested in smart infrastructure, which enabled it to develop analytical models to study the phenomena in Various fields, and the board was designed to provide an analytical visualization of the data, which includes detailed data to know the current situation, in addition to predicting the desired level to control the spread of the virus in society.

The Corona Virus Control and Control Center cooperates with the Dubai Smart Department in developing and managing the analytical model, in addition to the participating academic efforts and experiences from the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The panel provides information on the prevalence of the disease, as it shows the number of injuries and their types: without symptoms, or with mild, moderate, or severe symptoms, and the cumulative number of injuries, recovery and critical cases, in addition to demographic information, and includes: the proportions of the injured by population density and geographical distribution In the emirate, the cases in the institutional isolation facilities, as well as logistical information such as the number of facilities and supplies available for medical care and its details.

Unified system

The panel was linked in cooperation with “Smart Dubai” and the data team, with the Dubai Health Authority’s “Immunity” system for public health to monitor and manage infectious diseases and epidemics, by linking government and private health care institutions in Dubai and their partners with a unified system for managing diseases and outbreaks , The system enables users to show results, which contributes to support decision-making, in addition to the system's ability to send electronic notifications by various available means, such as: notification of laboratory results, and apparent diseases.

An accurate mechanism for collecting and processing health care institutions data, to provide comprehensive data about Dubai.

The painting provides visualizations and scenarios, based on mathematical equations in epidemiology.

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