Lyon (AFP)

The president of Lyon, Jean-Michel Aulas, evoked Wednesday "a will of the clubs of Ligue 1 to exert a recourse against the State to claim the 800 million euros of probable financial damage" due to the stop of the championship .

"Yes, there is a desire on the part of Ligue 1 clubs to go to exercise a recourse against the State on the initiative of Bernard Caïazzo which allows them to be grouped in this action. All the clubs will say that if there is a responsible, from the moment when it is the State which ordered the order to stop the championship, its responsibility is engaged and it is necessary to go to claim to him the 800 million euros of probable deficit for the exercise in progress "entrusted the Lyon manager in an interview with RMC Sports.

"Perhaps that is why the Minister (for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu) says that it was not the government that made the decision," he added.

"This case is not very + clean + because it is the law which comes to say the right a posteriori after the decisions are taken, to give reason to the Leagues and the Federations to have changed the regulations which said to go to the 38th day and to award the titles and all of the European qualifications, the descents and the climbs at the end of the 38th day ", recalled Jean-Michel Aulas.

In addition, the latter considered that French football was entitled to benefit from total tax exemptions as for other disadvantaged sectors.

"Football is not part of it when it should, like travel agencies or event companies, be able to benefit from this measure. It is a request that I formulate so that the clubs reduce this fantastic deficit The State, if it is the State which took the decision to stop the championship, should allow us to benefit from it.

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