Libyan Al-Wefaq government forces and the authorities of the city of Bani Walid, located in the west of the country, announced that the mercenaries of the Russian "Wagner" company and Syrian gunmen left the city's airport on Sunday evening, after they withdrew from the fighting axes in the south of the capital Tripoli, while Emirati planes bombed a march in areas of Gharyan, southwest of the capital, after bombing The forces of retired Major General Khalifa Hifter regions in the capital.

The mayor of Bani Walid Salem Noir said in exclusive statements to the island that Russian and Syrian gunmen entered Saturday to the civilian airport of Bani Walid (180 km southeast of Tripoli), with weapons and three air defense systems, vehicles and armed vehicles. The local official added that some of these forces left the airport on three flights, and others by land across the road leading to the Al-Jafra air base in central Libya, which is a stronghold of Haftar's forces.

Noir said that the airport still has large numbers of Russian and Syrian militants waiting to leave the place. In other statements to the "Free Libya" channel, the same spokesman estimated the number of mercenaries who arrived in the city between 1,500 and 1,600. Noir explained that after the arrival of the air defense systems to the city, the Bani Walid sheikhs were given a deadline for mercenary forces supporting Haftar's forces to leave until three o'clock in the afternoon Sunday local time, otherwise they will be attacked inside the city's airport.

In the video, the moment the Wagner mercenaries leave Bani Walid airport and they boarded the Antonov cargo plane,
as shown in the pictures, a Russian air defense system Panzir at the airport to protect the plane from any air targeting

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The city of Bani Walid is the center of one of the largest Libyan tribes, the Al-Warfalla tribe, whose notables and its municipal council refuse to support the military campaign launched by Haftar forces more than a year ago to take control of Tripoli, but it has suffered a series of defeats in the past few weeks by the forces of the government backed by Turkey.

Cargo planes
In the same context, the media office for the "Volcano Anger" of the Al-Wefaq government forces said that, on Sunday morning, two military cargo planes were landed at Bani Walid airport to start transporting mercenaries of the Russian "Wagner" company to an unknown destination.

Brigadier Al-Qayed, director of the Department of Moral Guidance in the Central Region of the Al-Wefaq Government, said in a bulletin for the island that the withdrawal of Wagner's mercenaries, which Haftar uses in southern Tripoli, came after he was attacked by Al-Wefaq forces in the clashes areas in Tripoli, adding that these militias took refuge in Bani Walid airport because it was the outlet The only one in front of it.

Regarding the reason for the Al-Wefaq forces not targeting the Wagner militants and the Syrian fighters inside the airport, the Libyan military official said that Al-Wefaq did not order the attack of the militants.

In a related context, First Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Hamidati, Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, said that the aim of what he called accusations of Sudanese rapid support forces fighting in Libya alongside Haftar's forces was, as he put it, "demonization."

Gharyan and Maitika
On the other hand, the " Borkan Al-Ghazab " operation room announced that Emirati warplanes bombed the neighborhoods and the relief department in Gharian city, southwest of Tripoli, on Sunday.

The Chamber added that the bombing of the Emirati planes came hours after the forces targeting Haftar Mitiga and its surroundings were attacked by Grad missiles. The director of the Moral Guidance Department in the central region of the Al-Wefaq government said that the attacks on the airport come from Haftar forces stationed in Tarhuna City, adding that the shelling was carried out with an artillery with a range of 45 km and hidden by those forces in places such as schools, and the airport and civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli.

The bombing of Maitika and Gharyan airport comes in light of Haftar's withdrawal from some locations during the past two days, in a move it described as a humanitarian gesture. On the other hand, the Al-Wefaq government forces announced on Saturday that they had regained control of three camps that were under the control of forces loyal to Haftar.

"Our forces extend their control over the rocket and Yarmouk and Hamza missile camps, and continue to advance and pursue the remnants of the Haftar militia," said Colonel Muhammad Qanunu, a spokesman for the al-Wefaq government forces. The three camps are the largest in southern Tripoli.

On the other hand, Ahmed Al-Mesmari, a spokesman for the retired brigade forces, said, "They are not building their plans on the basis of occupying the land or extending control by firepower." Rather, it redeployed and centralized it.