Libya: GNA forces announce takeover of international airport

Members of the Government of National Unity (GNA) forces at Tripoli International Airport on June 3, 2020. AFP

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Forces loyal to the Government of National Union (GNA) announced on Wednesday evening that they had "completely liberated the international airport of Tripoli". An announcement that follows fierce fighting that took place, for several days around this place. The offensive against the airport itself was launched on Wednesday morning by forces loyal to the GNA, aided by Turkish drones and Syrian mercenaries. The surrounded airport quickly fell and Khalifa Haftar's forces withdrew to the south.


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Since May 26, forces loyal to the Government of national unity have been winning streaks . With the capture of Tripoli airport, it is a highly strategic place that falls into the hands of these forces.

Located on a hill 27 km from the capital, and to the ANL, the Libyan National Army since the start of their offensive, in April 2019, it allows to control the whole area surrounding it and it formed the rear base of regrouping and logistic support for the forces which carry out the combat on the various front lines in the south of the capital.

It was from the airport and from several military bases surrounding it that Khalifa Haftar's forces bombed the capital. But such military bases as al-Yarmouk base and Hamza base passed into the hands of GNA forces, which weakened Marshal Haftar's position at the airport.

This setback suffered by Khalifa Haftar's forces comes two days after the UN announced the resumption of military talks between the belligerents, with a view to a cease-fire. But before sitting down at the negotiating table, the GNA expressed the wish to chase Khalifa Haftar's forces from western Libya to the maximum.

No reaction for the moment on this development on the part of the ANL, the Libyan National Army while the members of the GNA forces were caught on video on the vast ground of the airport.

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