Kymen Sanomat says that musician Pelle Miljoona was involved in a traffic accident today, Wednesday. The artist had been on his way to Hamasa's Tervasaari for filming the same magazine on a motorcycle when the car had unexpectedly driven in front of him.

- I was driving along Metsäkyläntie when a car came in front of me from the side road. I hit my bike in the front corner of the car and spun from it into the ditch. The accident happened a couple of kilometers from Rautaheimo's workshop towards Anjala, Pelle Miljoona told Kymen Sanomat.

Now the artist says he is only worried about the fate of his motorcycle.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

As a result of the accident, the musician was taken to Kymenlaakso Central Hospital in Kotka for filming. The artist told Kymen Sanomat that he had survived without serious injuries himself, but he is still a little worried about the fate of his motorcycle.

- Fortunately, the terrain in the ditch was soft and the speed was only about 30 kilometers per hour. I don’t think anything serious happened to me. There is a valve in the leg and there is probably some muscle injury around the clavicle, Pelle Miljoona told the magazine.

- I don't know how my bike is. It did start after the collision, he continued.

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Pelle Million's spring has been eventful. In late March, the artist’s open wife told Pelle Miliona that she was stuck in India on her own Facebook account. Due to the coronavirus, the artist had no idea about it at the time, because he might get back to Finland. Eventually, however, he was able to return home.

- So the gigs have been canceled for the time being, the release of the new Dancing Fire record will probably be postponed to the autumn. Tough times, Pelle Million was annoyed at the time.