You can see young students participating in this protest, which started with the fault of adults. The appearance of white students trying to protect a black student who was protesting on social media has made a big impact in American society.

Reporter Kim Ji-sung will deliver this.


[Don't shoot! Don't shoot!] A

black boy kneels in front of the police to protest racism.

A white girl runs out, kneels in front of the boy, and stops the police.

As the police approached, the girl embraced the boy and protected the boy to the end.

This video on SNS has more than 20 million views.

In the hometown of George Floyd, who was sacrificed for a ruthless neck press, white people knelt before the blacks as apology.

Black people knelt together in the sense of forgiveness.

Both white and black shed tears.

Increasingly, the number of police who sympathize with protesters and protest racism is increasing.

Kneel down, march along with protesters and shoulders.

Hand disinfectants are also given.

[Ed Krauss/Fort Worth Police Chief: We have seen protesters sick. We hope to help build a better community.] More

volunteers are cleaning up where violence has gone.

Remove the debris from the broken building and remove the graffiti left by the protesters.

Inside the demonstrators, voices are rising to refrain from violence and act in an orderly manner.

[George Pierce/Protester: There was no violence here. We have come to make a peaceful change.]

Protests created by social conflicts, such as evacuating dozens of demonstrators under the curfew at night into their homes, remind us of the importance of human rights, common sense, and consideration.

(Video Editing: Jeon Min-kyu, CG: Yoo-jin Lee)