China News Service, June 3, according to Japan’s “Oriental New News” reported on the 2nd that the police in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, on the 1st arrested the operator of an enterprise in Takamatsu City on the grounds of suspected price-risk reselling. This is the first time that a violator has been arrested since Japan issued a decree prohibiting high-value reselling of masks in March.

  According to the suspect's confession, it bought 160,000 masks from a trading company, and then sold them through the Internet, with sales of about hundreds of thousands of yen.

  The local police said that among the masks sold, at least 70,000 were resold at high prices. Due to the large number, the suspects were arrested. At present, the police are investigating whether there is scalping among buyers.

  According to relevant Japanese regulations, those who resell masks illegally and at high prices will be sentenced to imprisonment for less than one year, or a fine of less than 1 million yen.