China News Service, June 3, according to the European Union quoted the European Union News Agency, recently, Sangrilo, director of the Department of Intensive Medicine of San Rafael Hospital in Milan, Italy, said that the toxicity of the new coronavirus has weakened and its threat is gradually disappearing. Regarding this, experts from the World Health Organization refuted that this statement has no scientific basis.

  According to reports, Sangrilo said in an interview with the media that the virus detection results of the last 10 days showed that the load of the new coronavirus has been minimal compared with a month or two ago. From the clinical situation, the virus has disappeared. According to his prediction, the possibility of another outbreak in early June is very small.

  Sangrilo emphasized that at present, there are basically no new patients in the emergency department and intensive care unit of the hospital, and patients with new coronavirus and respiratory syndrome have completely disappeared. Therefore, it can be predicted that the new crown epidemic will not come back, and people can completely return to normal life and work.

  The report pointed out that Sangrilo, 62, is not only a famous Italian medical expert, but also a private physician of former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi for many years, and has published more than 500 medical papers. Sangrilo's argument that the threat of the new corona virus is gradually disappearing has been reported, and it has been widely affected by the medical community in Italy and even Europe, and has received widespread attention from all walks of life.

  In response to the possible negative impact of Sangrilo's new coronavirus argument on the epidemic prevention work, WHO epidemiologist Kerkhov and other virus and infectious disease experts have said that Sangrilo's remarks have no scientific evidence stand by.

  Kerkhov emphasized that there has been no change in terms of virus transmission capacity, and no change in terms of severity.

  Hibde, an expert in emerging infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that several important studies examining the genetic changes of the new coronavirus do not support the claim that the new coronavirus is less toxic.

  Ryan, the executive director of the WHO’s emergency plan for public health and an epidemiologist, also said that once people believe that the toxicity of the new coronavirus has diminished, it will be very dangerous. There are two possibilities for the new coronavirus in the human population. They will evolve and then become less pathogenic, or sometimes more pathogenic.

  Ryan pointed out that killing each host is not in the interest of the virus. Continue to spread among humans to make the virus easier to survive. He called on governments and people of all countries to continue to maintain a high degree of vigilance. There must be no slack. The current epidemic situation is still grim and the new crown virus is still a killer virus. (Boyuan)