China News Agency, Beijing, June 3, Question: "The death of Freud" is more than "a tragedy"

  China News Agency reporter Liu Xu

  Protests and demonstrations triggered by the violent law enforcement of white American police officers leading to the death of the African-American man Freud continued to escalate. From New York to Chicago to Los Angeles, large-scale protests and riots have spread to more than 40 cities in the United States. According to statistics from the US media, protest demonstrations broke out in at least more than 140 cities across the United States, the National Guard was deployed in 29 states and Washington, DC, and the protection status of the Pentagon and other defense facilities in the capital has been upgraded to the second level.

  US President Trump said on May 30, "George Freud’s death on the streets of Minneapolis is a serious tragedy. This should not happen. It fills people all over the United States with fear, anger, and Grief." He blamed the "violent left-wing organization" for the violence in the protest.

On June 1, local time, in the Manhattan district of New York City, the people took to the streets to hold protests.

  While the U.S. government stepped up to quell street anti-epidemic demonstrations, public opinion pointed out that "Freud's death" is not just a "tragedy", but a microcosm of the racism in the United States. Prejudice will cost the US government and society as a whole.

  As a multi-ethnic immigration country, racial discrimination has never been eradicated from American society. In 1963, American human rights leader Martin Luther King gave a famous speech "I Have a Dream" at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, which opposed racial discrimination and called for freedom and equality. More than 50 years have passed. With the resurgence of white supremacism, the conflict and fragmentation caused by racial discrimination have become more serious in the United States.

  On the face of it, the fuse of this nationwide protest was that African-American man Freud was killed by violent law enforcement by white police, but the deep-rooted cause is the structural problems caused by long-term racial discrimination in the United States in the new social context. Concentrated outbreak.

  As the new crown epidemic continues to spread, the gap between the rich and the poor in the US society has become more prominent, and the differential consequences of social policies have become more obvious. The imbalances of different classes and ethnic groups have been magnified. Vulnerable groups such as minorities and poor people have instead Fall into a more dangerous and difficult situation than ever.

On May 30 local time, anti-racial discrimination protests continued in the US capital Washington. George Floyd, an African-American man from Mingzhou, was fermented by violent law enforcement. The picture shows the slogan of the demonstration outside the Decatur House near the White House. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng Tongshe

  The "Los Angeles Times" reported on May 28 that the gap between the rich and the poor and racial discrimination in the United States led to a significant gap in the number of patients with new coronary pneumonia. According to other statistics, as of May 20, nearly 23% of the new coronary deaths reported by the United States are African American, and the proportion of African Americans in the total population of the United States is 13%. This ethnic difference directly linked to the safety of life has pushed the American people to a more opposite state. In this context, the "death of Freud" is far more than a tragic event, but has become a kind of racial discrimination that ignites the United States. Contradicting the lead of the "powder barrel".

  If the New Crown Virus is the enemies on the bright side, racial discrimination is a huge hidden danger hidden in American society. In a calm social life, it seems that it will not produce direct attacks, but with the accumulation of time, its destructive power continues to accumulate until a certain lead detonates it. Regrettably, a series of measures taken by the US government to deal with the new crown epidemic in the early stage not only did not take into account the interests of ethnic minorities, but also bridged the social rifts. Instead, it adopted a series of "dumping" speeches, which exacerbated Hostility.

  The BBC pointed out in an article titled "New Crown Virus: Where to Go for Discriminating American Asians" on May 28th that after the spread of the New Crown Virus in the United States, racial discrimination against Asians in American society became more serious. A large number of Asian Americans and Asians in the United States described their situation as "swiftly turning down" after the outbreak of the New Crown Outbreak.

  In the face of the epidemic of racial discrimination in the American society, the international community has many warnings. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Bachelet issued a media statement on May 28, calling on the US authorities to face racial discrimination as a "rooted problem" and take practical measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

  Facts have shown that discrimination against African ethnic groups and other minority groups is essentially ignoring human rights and intensifying ethnic opposition. The social contradictions accumulated here may bring about "hatred, paranoia and violence." It will be resolved on the basis of this, such "invisible viruses" will also spread out at any time, further aggravating social tears and turmoil. (Finish)