The red-eared tortoise, which is not part of Finnish nature, was hidden in Töölönlahti Bay.

HS Helsinki said last week that a red-eared turtle has been seen in Töölönlahti. That species used to be a very popular pet. The animals need a lot of care and a very large aquarium, which is why they have been abandoned in nature in Finland as well.

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Anni Juusela, who rescued the turtle from Töölönlahti, says that she went to the scene to look for the villain when she saw the news of the animal's situation.

“The red-eared turtle is a species of fresh water and immediately a concern arose that it would die in that water,” Juusela says.

“Marja-Leena” photographed earlier in Töölönlahti.

Photo: Anna-Marja Valtonen

On the phone, Juusela says that he knows the species well, as his family had a red-eared turtle as a pet for 25 years. For this reason, he was also able to deduce where to look for an animal and how to approach it.

To catch him, he acquired a “three-euro toy wound” to catch the frog out of the water.

Juusela walked along the Töölönlahti reed wound in his hand and observed the surface of the shore water. In the shallows opposite the Finlandia House, he noticed a familiar-looking head splitting just above the surface of the water.

“I really gently pulled closer along the mud and rocks. It had a reed edge about 10 inches deep. I captured it from the wounds on the back, ”Juusela describes the situation.

The turtle, he said, was very lax immediately after being caught. It may not have had enough in Töölönlahti to eat. Salty water could have wreaked havoc on the animal.

After being caught, he rinsed the frog with water and contacted the Helsinki Animal Welfare Association. While waiting for further instructions, Juusela returned to his home with Kruununhaka. There, a clean 40-liter pool of water awaited the turtle.

After reviewing, Juusela found the turtle to be female and estimated it to be about 15 years old.

After getting inside, the villain got a delicious meal from the melted herring fillet, which, according to Juusela, disappeared “like a sock in a vacuum cleaner”. The animal also got a name: Marja-Leena.

"I would have liked Marja-Leena myself very much, but I live in a studio and this guy requires a two-meter aquarium that is at least 200 liters."

Fortunately, through the reptile group, a few interested people have already been found to have a favorable habitat and care for the turtle.

"I'm so glad that it is about good order and still get the rest of their lives to a good home."

During Wednesday, Juusela will deliver the turtle to Viikki Discovery Animal House, where a doctor will examine the animal before handing it over.