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A commission of inquiry on the management of the coronavirus crisis will be set up in the Senate at the end of the month, confirmed on Wednesday its president (LR) Gérard Larcher, the day of the installation of that of the National Assembly.

"This commission of inquiry will be proposed to the conference of presidents by myself in a few days", announced on RTL Mr. Larcher, while the National Assembly is setting up its own commission of inquiry today.

"At the end of the month will be presented to the Senate the establishment for six months of a commission with for president, it is the commission which will choose, undoubtedly the president of the commission of social affairs", the senator LR Alain Milon , he said.

"For several months, France has been facing a serious health crisis, we have seen both exceptional solidarity but also shortages, even serious shortages in a certain number of areas, the role of a commission of inquiry, it is to shed light, to investigate and to draw from it a certain number of proposals and conclusions so that we do not experience these difficulties again, "he justified.

"A commission of inquiry is independent, that's why it was not even imaginable that I chaired such a commission of inquiry, my role is to be an arbitrator and guarantor of independence, as moreover, we were in the commission of inquiry into the Contrescarpe affair ", known as the Benalla affair, said Mr. Larcher.

In the National Assembly, the deputy LR Eric Ciotti is tipped for the post of rapporteur of the commission of inquiry on the management of the coronavirus pandemic, installed this Wednesday, while the walker Brigitte Bourguignon would take the presidency, according to parliamentary sources.

The vice-presidency would revert to the leader of the LR group Damien Abad. This commission of inquiry follows the parliamentary fact-finding mission on the subject which will issue its "progress report" on Wednesday.

Several hearings of ministers, former ministers and senior officials may be scheduled. Parliamentary committees of inquiry, made up of 30 members from all political groups, have significant powers: compulsory summons under pain of criminal sanctions, sworn hearings ...

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