Fuel leaking river turns red President Putin pursues responsibility for delay in reporting June 4, 6:31

In Siberia, Russia, a large amount of fuel leaked from a power plant into a river, Putin was struck by the delay in reporting to the government and expressed his intention to pursue responsibility.

Putin is more sensitive to crisis management as the spread of the new coronavirus becomes more serious.

In the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, Russia, on the 29th of last month, 20,000 tonnes of fuel spilled into a nearby river from a tank of a power plant, causing the river to become extensively reddish.

It is believed that the columns of the tank collapsed due to melting of the permafrost.

It was two days after the incident that the Putin administration learned about this accident, so President Putin called out the people on the 3rd using the video conference system that is open every day to prevent the new coronavirus. It was

Regarding the timing of the report, the company side said, "We did it as decided", but Putin said "Is the government to be aware of the emergency on SNS?" and criminal responsibility of the people concerned I showed an idea to pursue.

In Russia, with the new coronavirus being the third most infected person in the world, President Putin is more concerned about crisis management.