Berlin (dpa) - The Federal Cabinet plans to prepare today for the lifting of the travel warning for 31 European countries due to the pandemic from June 15. For this purpose, a key point paper with proposals for the protection of vacationers from infection with the virus is to be adopted.

On this basis, the federal government wants to further advance negotiations with the most important holiday destinations for Germans on cross-border travel. The final decision to cancel the travel warning should be made later.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) had issued a general warning on March 17 because of the corona pandemic against tourist trips to all around 200 countries in the world - an unprecedented step. So far, travel warnings have been issued very rarely and only if there is a risk to life and limb, for example in war zones.

The countries for which the travel warning is now to be lifted include the 26 partner countries of Germany in the European Union and the United Kingdom that has just left the EU, as well as the four countries of the Schengen area that are not subject to border controls that are not members of the EU: Iceland, Norway , Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As of June 15, there will only be individual travel information for these countries, in which reference is made to the country-specific risks.

In order to guarantee the best possible protection for tourists against a corona infection, the Federal Government in the EU wants to work for a number of common principles. In a draft for the key points paper, the Federal Foreign Office proposed, among other things, that the upper limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants be taken over by the other European countries within seven days. In Germany, if this limit is exceeded, anti-corona measures that have already been abolished will be reintroduced.

In addition, the individual countries are to develop concepts for compliance with distance rules, for hygiene, for wearing masks and for ventilation and disinfection of rooms. Maas has already organized two rounds of advice with the most important holiday countries of the Germans and the neighboring countries of Germany. Another is to follow by mid-month.

The federal government has not yet decided how it wants to deal with countries outside the EU. Maas had been reluctant to do so on Tuesday. "It may take some time," he said. Turkey in particular, the number three among the most popular holiday destinations for Germans, hopes that the travel warning will also be lifted for them.

According to the foreign minister, he has not yet decided where to go on vacation. At a press conference, he said: "I don't know where I'm going on vacation, and if I knew I wouldn't be going to tell you here." He fears that the current situation would lead to wrong conclusions.

Federal Foreign Office for travel warning about the corona pandemic