Paris (AFP)

The revaluation of the fire bonus of firefighters, a commitment of the government whose decree is still not published, should not be "returned to the Greek calendars", urge Wednesday in a gallery 60 parliamentarians of the majority and the Modem .

The deputy LREM of Deux-Sèvres Jean-Marie Fiévet, on the initiative of this tribune, estimates that "the procrastination of the financers that are the departments and the communes should not slow down the calendar of publication of the decree".

Contacted by AFP, he deplored that "the departments and the National Conference of Fire and Rescue Services (CNIS) do not decide in favor of the increase in the fire premium". Since the announcement of a revaluation of the premium, the departments request additional resources from the government to be able to finance it.

"First to respond to violence, to the tragedy to always come to the aid of our fellow citizens", the firefighters "cannot accept that this valuation of their premium be again postponed to the Greek calendars".

The government undertook in January to revalue the fire bonus for firefighters in the summer by bringing it to 25% of base salary (against 19% currently).

This decision was taken after several months of mobilization by firefighters. The latter asked for a revaluation to 28% of the salary, up to the risk premiums granted to the police and gendarmes, but also the maintenance of the mechanisms allowing them to retire early at 57 in exchange for additional contributions.

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