Sweden should have taken stricter measures against the corona virus, says the brain behind the corona strategy of the country Anders Tegnell.

Sweden is now known worldwide for the relatively flexible rules that the country imposed on the corona virus. The choice was made to keep society relatively open, but to protect vulnerable groups.

But the Swedish counterpart of Jaap van Dissel says in retrospect that Sweden might have had to do it differently.

"If we knew about the disease now known, I think we would have a policy somewhere somewhere between what Sweden did and the rest of the world," state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell told Sveriges Radio .

Scientist long defended policy

Criticism of Swedish corona policy has been growing for some time at home and abroad.

The scientist has defended Sweden's policy on an ongoing basis, but adjusts his opinion due to the relatively high death toll in his country.

Death toll highest in Scandinavia

Tegnell tells the local radio that too many Swedes have been killed by the virus.

The death toll is at least 4,468 higher than Finland, Norway and Denmark added together.

Older people are overrepresented in statistics, whereas it is precisely this group that should have been protected by policy.

Tegnell hopes to learn lessons

So Sweden should have taken more measures, Tegnell says. But he does not yet know exactly which should have been.

Because countries imposed most of the measures at the same time, it is unclear which ones actually have an effect.

"Maybe we will find out now, because countries are phasing out the measures step by step. We may then be able to learn lessons about what countries could have done instead of a total lockdown," said Tegnell.

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Sweden asked for a voluntary contribution

Restaurants, shops and schools remained open in Sweden. The government called on the voluntary contribution of the Swedish people to keep their distance.

People vulnerable to the coronavirus, such as the elderly, were urged to stay at home.

The only strict measure that applies is a ban on meetings with more than fifty people. Nor can people visit nursing homes.

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