Justice in a court, in Rennes. (illustration) - LOIC VENANCE / AFP

Sores and bruises on the face and body and a fracture of the fibula. Tuesday, four men were sentenced to prison terms ranging from four months suspended to one year for beating a father, in the night of May 25 to 26 in La Tour-du-Pin, Isère .

That evening, the four defendants had gathered in a city parking lot, loud music. The victim had alerted the gendarmes who had intervened and had stopped the noise pollution. In reality, for a short time, the young people who turned the music on as soon as the police left.

Iron bars

Exasperated, the young father went downstairs to ask the young people to turn down the volume of the sound system in their car. Mocked and as one of the men approached him, the victim struck the first blow. There followed a surge of violence. The punches and kicks were fired until one of the attackers grabbed an iron bar to hit him again. The father, seriously injured that evening, suffered a 45-day ITT.

Alerted by the victim's partner, the gendarmes returned to the scene of the attack, but the four defendants had fled. Finally arrested, two of the attackers tried on Tuesday, known to the justice system, were imprisoned at the end of the judgment. The court also found the victim guilty, up to 15%, for having delivered the first blow.


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