Chase Carey, director of Formula One, firmly believes in an interview with the series’s website that the coronavirus will not threaten individual races or the passage of the season beginning in July. According to Carey, even the driver’s infection or the withdrawal of the stable does not affect the season or an individual race.

- A confirmed infection of an individual will not lead to the cancellation of the race, Carey points out.

The original opening of the season in Australia was canceled largely because the series or stables had no plan in place for infections. The coronavirus found in a McLaren employee effectively seals the decision to cancel the competition.

- We encourage stables to make plans in case an individual is quarantined. He can be replaced, Carey says.

Chase Carey can rely on the safety instructions and arrangements developed by F1.

Photo: Edgar Su / Reuters

According to Carey, the deputy staff principle applies to all stable staff, starting with the drivers, so that events in Australia do not happen again.

- There are too many "what if" scenarios and not everything can be ruled out. The exclusion of the team from the competition would not cancel the competition. If a driver is infected, then there are alternate drivers in the stables, Carey says.

According to Carey, there are currently about 80-90-page nivaska health and safety guidelines that cover everything from traveling to lodging, eating out, and so on.

- In many ways, it's like living in a bubble. Everything since the shipments is controlled. Inside the bubble there are still their own bubbles that comprise people doing the same tasks.

According to the F1 boss, coronavirus tests are done every two days. Carey admits that the nature of the species is not appropriate for a "two-meter society."

- It is clear that when the car enters the depot, four tires cannot be changed at safety intervals of two meters. We must have the means to manage such risks.

- We would not be starting the season if we did not believe that our arrangements can guarantee a safe environment in any situation.