- Right now, many people cannot attend the funeral ceremonies and it is then good to be able to stream the funerals. With the help of our central union, we have received help with apps and iPads to be able to do this in a good way, ”says Johan Ågren.

Broadcasts digitally - more can attend

From one day to another, the funeral home had to reorganize the business. It was in connection with the departure of Johan's colleague's mother that the technology was introduced. It was a big funeral that had to be planned and reduced to the number of people. Instead, it had to be transmitted digitally to those who would have been present.

The technology is here to stop

What are the reactions of the relatives when they cannot physically attend a funeral?

- Partly in the grief of losing a close relative, friend or workmate, but then not being able to participate physically, it is very emotionally tough. But then this opportunity with live streaming is a good complement. We also believe that technology will remain to some extent after the crisis, due to people being more geographically dispersed. The technology is here to stop, he says.

There are new challenges for the funeral industry but also opportunities for loved ones to say goodbye to this unusual everyday life. Right now in a more different way than usual.

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