• China: "No delay in communicating to WHO about viruses"
  • Coronavirus, Civil Protection: 318 new cases, 55 victims and 1,737 people recovered
  • Coronavirus, WHO: "The virus has not become less pathogenic"
  • "Covid is clinically gone." New controversy among experts


03 June 2020In Italy "one cannot speak of immunity from coronavirus", as also in other countries. Following the declarations of the head of San Raffaele in Milan Alberto Zangrillo comes the comment of the World Health Organization in an online briefing held by the WHO Regional Office for Europe on COVID-19, for Russian-speaking journalists. clear of an RT reporter, Elmira Petrovskaja - who asks if it is true that as they say "some Italian doctors, the virus is leaving", the organization official Catherine Smallwood responds equally clearly, speaking of "small downturn" , of "falling level" but underlining however that the presence of "new cases" continues.

"We all know that Italy was one of the first countries, one of the first European regions to have been very affected by this virus since the end of February" continue WHO. "We see a small drop in cases in Italy and now the situation is quite under control, but there are still new cases of coronavirus," says Smallwood. The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe, Hans Kluge, also attended the conference for Russian-speaking journalists. 

Smalwood, a doctor of the World Health Organization, who had already jumped to the headlines for launching the alarm in April about the dangers run by health workers, now clarifies the Italian situation, after days of chaos and controversy raised by Zangrillo's words. "We see that the level is going down," he says. "However, one cannot speak of immunity for any country", while granting a pinch of optimism: "the important thing is that there is no growth, but we must continue to follow the situation with great attention".