In the news, the price of 50,000 euros is not the most surprising about the performance training of Minister of Finance Katri Kulmun. Nor is it so surprising that the money was paid by the ministries and not by the Finnish center, led by Kulmun, which benefits most from training its chairman.

What amazes me most is why Kulmuni needed this kind of training.

As a performer, he is a very good average level of Finnish politician. Kulmun’s problem is that he doesn’t have much to say. Then speaking skills will not help.

Suomen Kuvalehti's news reported that Kulmuni received coaching from Tekir Oy on December 3, 2019, when the center forced the Prime Minister of Demar Antti Rinte to resign.

It didn’t show much when downtown bosses teased the shocked-looking Corners around town from one TV camera to another making statements. There was an impression that he was just doing what others were saying. And just talked about what was forced.

In the final games, however, the slope difference was counted in the center as Kulmun’s victory, as no one else dared to take it for granted. It brought the little young president the despair he longed for. Similarly, the portfolio of the Minister of Finance.

Yet my eyebrows are still extremely careful in his speeches. At least there is no impression of the idea in public.

It can’t be much influenced by any education if there are no opinions at all.

Chipped with waves

The corona crisis boosted the government’s popularity and could also be Kulmun’s bailout for the time being. When a situation forces everyone to agree, there is no need to agree.

When it comes to big money, small ones lose their meaning. We are not talking about EUR 50 000, but EUR 5.5 billion, for example, in the supplementary budget announced on Tuesday. Minister of Finance Kulmun is expected to make big decisions about big money in the future.

The situation is divisive for him and other centrists. Until a year ago, it was the prime minister's party in the government of the exact euro. Juha Sipilä lifted Finland from the previous recession by means of forging the skulls of the Finnish people since the 1990s. Cutting tests the morality of the people.

In the city center, Mika Lintilä, who fell from Kulmuni's path from the Minister of Finance to the Minister of Economic Affairs, remained in the government to nurture the Sipilä line.

However, the economic sages who now advise the government are of the opinion that the money must be made to run so that the Finnish economy does not completely freeze. This should be done practically throughout the election period, only in 2023 would the belt tightening begin. It is an election year and there are no cuts in the election. In practice, the matter is likely to be left to the next government.

The center does not know how it would be, nor does it know Kulmunika. The right leader for the right party at the right time. Rotates like a whirlwind.

The crisis in the city center continues

The corona crisis has for a moment set aside the center crisis with its support figures.

The Center Party is the most ideologically flexible party in Finland's political history, which is the secret of its long influence. The idea of ​​the center has been to defend the provinces outside congested Finland. When you look at the map of Finland, this is understandable and even necessary.

Now the crowd has flowed south and the power of the center has weakened. It is also eaten by the entry of basic Finns into competing before certain clubs.

Finnish politics is even more strictly divided into right and left. The movement space in the city center is decreasing. The idea of ​​living in a party begins as a new RKP, a friend of all who is eligible for every government.

However, RKP voters have an ethnic identity on their backs. With the support of the center, every change of direction cleaves a disappointed piece.

Katri Kulmuni is in a hard place. He should finally first form opinions and then act on them. It is said to lead.

It is not a package but a product.