Snap Inc. has stopped promoting its Snapchat social media app for US President Donald Trump on its aggregate page.

A spokesman for "Snap" said in a statement that the application is not currently promoting the content that Trump is publishing on the (Discover) platform in Snapchat.

The company spokesman added that the application will not increase the voices that incite what he called racist violence and injustice, by giving them free promotion on the application.

Trump's Snapchat account is still on the platform, and has about 1.5 million followers.

And the decision of the company, "Snap" in the wake of the US President's recent publication on social media, threatening to launch what he called "wild dogs" and "sinister weapons" against protesters who organized protests in the United States of police violence against blacks, after the killing of George Floyd is arrested by a white policeman after his arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Snape and Facebook joined the list of US companies denouncing racial discrimination in the United States, as violent protests erupted in several of its major cities over the death of Floyd, a defenseless black man who died while police seized him in Minneapolis last week.

The two companies joined Intel Corp, Netflix and Nike in taking a public stance condemning the death of Floyd, and expressed their concerns about discrimination against black Americans.

"We stand with the black community and all those who work for justice, in honor of George Floyd, Bruna Taylor, Ahmed Arberry and many others whose names will not be forgotten," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on his platform late Sunday evening.

He added that Facebook will allocate ten million dollars to organizations working for ethnic justice.