- We are producing educational films. Actually, the training would have started in the summer, but the corona pandemic would leave it behind, says Fredrik Linde, head of SMHI's forecasting and warning service.

Better crisis preparedness

- The purpose of our weather warnings is that society - from regions, county councils and municipalities to business and individuals - should be able to build better crisis preparedness. Through increased conditions for preparation, the disruptions that can affect society in connection with, for example, a heavy snowfall can be better managed.

Regionally adapted

The new system should be regionally adapted and the old 1-2-3 scale replaced with the colors yellow, orange and red.

- A weather situation does not necessarily lead to the same warnings across the country, as both the weather and the impact on society vary.

SMHI says that new checklists and procedures will be needed from the relevant authorities and organizations. The new weather warnings also mean that both training and exercise are needed, which is now starting after the summer.

You can see more about the new weather warnings in the clip below:

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In the future, the same weather can be warned in different ways at different locations in the country. Åsa Granström, project manager SMHI. Photo: Kiichiro Sato / TT // SVT