Georges Ricardbacker is not only passionate about lego. He is also a singer and bass player for a hard-rock group, "Of Steel". - Georges Ricardbacker

  • The Château de l'Ortenbourg (Sélestat), Birkenfels (Obernai), Bernstein (Dambach-la-Ville), Wasenbourg (Niederbronn-les-Bains) or Kintzheim or Andlau… During the confinement period, an enthusiast had fun reproducing the fortresses of Alsace in lego.
  • Why ? Georges Ricardbacker has been interested since his childhood in the castles of Alsace. So he brought out his little pieces…
  • Average delivery time for a fortress? "About two days of work, or about sixteen hours," he says, he who destroys his achievements much faster.

Housekeeping, running, reading or ... lego. During her period of confinement, Georges Ricardbacker mainly occupied her in assembling the famous pieces of the Danish brand. Not just how: this resident of Vendenheim (Bas-Rhin), 39, made castles from Alsace.

Why not the Eiffel Tower or Mont-Saint-Michel? "Most Alsatians by birth go to castles when they are little," he replies with humor. “These fortresses have always fascinated me and when I was younger, I already reproduced them with Lego. So it was enough for him to bring out his little bricks to get back to it in mid-March.

“I started with my favorite, the Ortenbourg ( near Sélestat, in the Bas-Rhin ) because it is typical of the Alsatian military architect of the Middle Ages with his pentagonal dungeon. I told myself that I would be one… then I got caught up in the game, ”laughs the man who normally manages a second-hand clothes store in Strasbourg,“ Froc 'N' Roll ”.

His shop closed for almost two months, the builder had the time to reproduce "a dozen castles". “The Birkenfels (Obernai), the Bernstein (Dambach-la-Ville), the Wasenbourg (Niederbronn-les-Bains), that of Kintzheim or Andlau… I even did Ortenbourg several times from three different angles. "

Georges Ricardbacker proceeds almost always in the same way. He will pick up his ideas in his own books "or on the internet". “Sometimes I like photos so I try to imagine how I can do it. It is necessary to provide the foundations, the pillars so that it will hold, etc. " Then, in "the guest room of the house", the almost forty-something starts its work. Average delivery time for a fortress? "About two days of work, or about sixteen hours," he says, he who destroys his achievements much faster. "I'm just taking a photo and moving on to the next castle. "

A reference to the movie The Dinner of Cons

“I like to reproduce a little of our heritage as precisely as possible. I also find it relaxing… Maybe I find the sensations of my childhood, ”adds the Alsatian, who does not lack self-deprecation. On Facebook, after the first posts of his constructions, he had published an extract from the film Le Dîner de cons . “The scene where Jacques Villeret presents his models in matches. "I took the lead before I was blamed!" "

Since Georges Ricardbacker resumed his professional activity, the Lego have been a little aside. Without being stored in the closet. Better yet, he ordered new ones and has since attacked the famous Haut-Koenigsbourg. "It will be 1.30 m long, about 50 cm wide, it will take me a while!" "Laughs the one who is also bass player and singer in a hard-rock group" 70s-80s "," Of Steel ".

His suite? Still some Alsatian castles in gray and black pieces. "In the Middle Ages, there were about 500 in the region," concludes Georges Ricardbacker. "All those in the plain have disappeared, but there must be 80 to 100 left. I can reproduce them until I retire!" "


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