Norwegian millionaire Tom Hagen has offered to pay his wife the required cryptocurrencies, says VG magazine. On Friday, Hagen sent a message to his wife's alleged kidnapper confirming that he was paying a ransom.

- We want to get in touch with the other party. That is why we ended up doing this, and we are now hoping for an answer. Police have not been involved in the process, Hagen's lawyer told Svein Holden VG.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared in October 2018, and she or her body have not yet been found. In a letter found after the wife's disappearance, the one who registered as a kidnapper demands a ransom of 9 million euros from Hagen. Police, on the other hand, believe the husband staged the case.

Hagen, suspected of murdering or aiding his wife, was released from pre-trial detention by an appeals court decision in early May, after which police appealed the decision. Police will interrogate Hagen again on Wednesday.

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VG says Hagen was in contact with the kidnapper back in November 2018 and promised to send the money within a week. A little later, he sent a message saying there were difficulties with payment and asked for more time.

On both occasions, he was warned that his wife would die if payment was not made quickly.

Last summer, Hagen received a new warning.

- Anne-Elisabeth Hagen needs medical care. We are only capable of basic needs. We cannot guarantee how long he will survive.

According to the VG, after the message, Hagen transferred EUR 1.3 million in Monero cryptocurrency to obtain evidence of his wife's survival. Police had not recommended payment. He did not receive an answer.

Back in February of this year, Hagen tried in vain to get in touch with the kidnappers.

According to police theory, the motives for the murder were the couple’s long-running disagreements and property disputes. Hagen possibly got help staging the abduction. Children have denied family problems.

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Norwegian millionaire Hagen, 70, was arrested in late April when police began to suspect him of the murder of his wife, who disappeared 1.5 years ago. Hagen has been charged with murder or aiding and abetting. The millionaire has denied the charges.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared in October 2018.

Image: NTB Scanpix / via REUTERS

In early May, police arrested a 30-year-old man in connection with the disappearance of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.

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According to police, the man has a connection to Tom Hagen as well as expertise in cryptocurrencies.

Tom Hagen became rich with the help of an electricity company he founded in 1992. He is Norway’s 162nd richest person with assets of about NOK 1.9 billion.