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The video had been widely circulated on social networks a few weeks ago. It had been filmed from the balcony of a building in Nantes and showed two police bikers who verbalized a man on a scooter, one handling a wallet. Difficult to understand the situation, but the author of the video was sure of it. "Look at this son of a dog, we see him on camera that he steals the tickets," he said in the sequence, which he posted on Twitter.

The case did not stop there since the police officer in question had filed a complaint against X "for contempt of any person holding public authority". On Tuesday morning, the author of the video was arrested at his home and then placed in police custody. According to the police, this 25-year-old young man has admitted the facts on which he will have to explain himself in court next November, in the framework of a criminal order.

A “so-called deposit procedure”

Regarding the scene, which took place on April 28 at Place du Pont-Morand, the police assure that the man charged was in fact the subject of a “so-called consignment procedure”: this measure requires the offender to pay the fine so that he can then challenge it if he wishes.


Yes, the arrest of a man immobilized by a knee on the neck was indeed filmed in Paris


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