<Oh! Click> The last search term is the'Floid Challenge' controversy.

Protests continue to protest against racism across the United States, but in the midst of this, the'George Floyd Challenge' appeared to ridicule the case.

If you look at the pictures on the social media, you can see that George Floyd is imitating the policeman at the time of his death.

It even has a hash tag of'#George Floyd Challenge' and these photos spread quickly through social media and are under intense criticism from netizens.

Local police in the United States are investigating to find out who took the picture and who uploaded it. In the UK, teenagers who were imitating the death of Floyd were arrested for hate crimes.

The domestic netizens who saw it said, "How can you do that? "It's really creepy. Grab it and feed it with garlic and mugwort!" It showed back reaction.

(Source: Bluest Knight on Twitter)