The accusations of police officers who killed the black man George Floyd went up from the third murder to the second murder under US criminal law. However, the protests have continued to continue, and US Secretary of Defense Esper also expressed his opposition to mobilizing troops to suppress the protests. Washington Connect.

Correspondent Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung, it will be at 6pm right now. How about the protest today (4th)?


Yes, it was counted yesterday that 5,000 demonstrators gathered in Washington, DC, and today more people gathered.

Protesters are gathering at the White House Lafayette Park to march to Parliament and returning again.

A lot of protesters gathered in the US Capitol today, and police were caught catching the knees of the protesters.

Unlike President Trump, who made a strong response, Mayor of Washington, DC is in a position to ensure maximum peaceful protests. Today, Washington's curfew has been delayed 4 hours behind yesterday at 11 pm.

Arrest and looting are still taking place at night in some parts of Washington, but the violent protests are somewhat softer than in the early days.

So far, nearly 10,000 protesters have been arrested across the United States.


Correspondent Kim said there was a high voice that the police had to be punished strongly for murder, but additional prosecutions were made? 


Yes, former police officer Derek Shawbin, who pushed George Floyd's neck to death, was charged with third-class murder, and was upgraded to second-class murder.

Three other police officers on the scene were also charged with second-class murders for Shovin's accomplice.


President Trump has announced his intention to enter the Allied Forces.


Yes, Defense Secretary Esper said he would not support the launch of the Riot Suppression Act, which says the mobilization of military forces should be the last resort.

Let's listen to Secretary Esper.

[Esper/US Secretary of Defense: This is only possible in very urgent and critical situations. We are not there yet. I disagree with the Riot Act.] He

also said he would investigate the threats of a combat helicopter flying over Washington, DC.

If President Trump is unable to suppress the protests, he plans to inject federal troops, and the White House today reaffirmed this, and Secretary of State Esper, who was closest to the meeting, responded in earnest.

The US media are also talking about the possibility of rigidity. 

The situation has taken place with former generals about the soldiers' aiming at the prime minister. 

Trump also criticized the Democrats and the mainstream media on Twitter, referring to protesters as gangsters, claiming that he had done more for blacks for three and a half years than former Vice President Biden did for 43 years.